Trackday Registration (Driver)






Acknowledgement of Risk

Motorsport is dangerous and can involve injury or death. Despite Spitfire Raceway taking all reasonable precautions, accidents can happen. By attending a track day, you acknowledge this and confirm that you are aware of the nature of the activity and attend at the venue at your own risk.

Spitfire Raceway may refuse access to, and eject from, its venue any persons who are acting against the interests of safety and/or whose behaviour is likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury.  
Neither Spitfire Raceway or their representatives are responsible for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property caused or sustained by you as result of attendance at any track day.


Driver Requirements

All drivers must hold a Car Driving licence - fully unrestricted (not provisional) issued by the DVLA with the appropriate category clearly indicated.


Equipment Requirements

All drivers and passengers must wear a suitable, correctly fitting crash helmet (not off road style motorcycle helmets) and have their legs covered at all times whilst on circuit. In the case of open top/soft top vehicles, drivers must wear full face helmets and also have arms covered at all times.


Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle you intend to use must conform to MOT minimum standards for road use. It must be in good condition both mechanically and bodily and suitable for its intended use on the track. All cars must have working seat belts/harness regardless of age and fit their towing eye in the front.  It is your duty to ensure that the vehicle remains in this condition for the duration of the activity, in the interests of your safety and the safety of others at the circuit.


Noise Restrictions

The vehicle you intend to use must conform to our noise regulations (98db). 


If Spitfire Raceway is of the opinion that any vehicle does not comply with the applicable noise restrictions, the relevant vehicle will be prevented from participating in the remainder of the event unless and until the noise emissions are addressed to bring them within the applicable limit.


Accident Damage and Insurance

Spitfire Raceway  do not require you to have insurance cover in place on its track days. However, whilst track day accidents are rare, by using your car on track you do so at your own risk. It is entirely your choice as to whether you procure insurance to cover damage to your vehicle. It is unlikely that your normal car insurance policy will cover you for a track day, but you should check with your insurer. If you explain that the track day is non-competitive, they may extend your cover for an additional charge. Alternatively there are specialist insurance companies who provide track day insurance. 


On the day


On arrival, please make sure you sign a Spitfire Raceway Registration Form and that you have been issued with a circuit wristband. You must produce your valid UK driving licence at the time of registration. Please note that photocopies cannot be accepted. 


A full safety briefing will take place prior to any track activity. Please ensure you attend this briefing. Should you arrive too late, please report to a Spitfire Raceway organiser where arrangements will be made for you to be individually briefed. 


Only one passenger may be carried in the vehicle at any one time. All fitted safety devices must be able to perform within their manufacturers guidelines i.e. weight and height of passenger must not interfere or prevent such safe operation within the manufacturers design parameters. 


On Track and in the Pit Lane

  • Seat belts or harnesses must be worn at all times on the venue.
  • Participants must not act or drive recklessly, dangerously or in an intimidating fashion, whether on track or otherwise. If in opinion you are acting dangerously, recklessly or in an intimidating fashion you may be removed from further participation in the track day and/or ejected from the venue, at the discretion ofSpitfire Raceway .
  • No participant shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol at any time during the track day.
  • No participant shall be under the influence of drugs or medication (prescribed or otherwise) or have any pre-existing medical condition that will adversely affect his or her performance during the track day.
  • No pregnant drivers will be permitted to participate, whether as a driver or passenger, in any track day.
  • No timekeeping or pace making of any sort is allowed on the track day.
  • Participants must listen to all briefings and safety instructions throughout the track day, including flags, signals or warnings from marshals or any other representative of Spitfire Raceway . The decisions of Spitfire Raceway are final.


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