A Purpose Built Training Facility

Our driving centre if one of the UK’s only purpose built driver training facility for all aspects of driver training from lorries, to cars and even bikes.

With the help of many agencies we have designed a 7.5 kilometre private road network that incorporates the following features:

  • Full road markings
  • Genuine Signage
  • Roundabouts
  • Junctions
  • Stop and Give Way Points
  • Parallel Parking Area
  • Hill Start Area
  • Slow Car Control Area
  • Turning in the Road
  • Emergency Stop Area

Our aim was to devise a network of roads that was as close as possible to a public road. Anyone using our road network will get a real understanding of what it is going to be like driving on ‘real’ roads and is brilliant for those who want to gain confidence or are keen to pass their test quickly or just need to brush up their skills after a long gap from driving.

The real benefit of course is the safe environment away from the usual limitations of a public road. You don’t need to have a driving license, or even a provisional licence as the road network is on private land. All we require is that you have a qualified driver sitting beside you. This allows us to be Cornwall’s first under 17 driver centre!

How does it work?

We welcome anyone from 14 years or older as long as they are supervised by a full UK licensed driver. So if you wanted to bring your 14 year old son or daughter in your own car that’s fine as long as you hold a full UK driving license.

What does it cost?

All we ask is that the driver of the car must become a member of our Driver Centre which costs £10.00 and requires a simple form to be completed during your first visit. After that there is a charge of £20.00 per hour to use the road network. So your first visit will cost £30.00 and each subsequent visit will be £20.00 (assuming you only use the circuit for an hour).

I don’t have a driver or a car!

Don’t worry, we now offer full under 17s driver courses with a member of our team in a dual controlled car from as young as 12 years old!

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