Sky Diving

sky diving at Perranporth Airfield

Here at Perranporth airfield there are a number of activities available.  Challenge yourself mentally and physically with an adrenalin rush like no other and become more conscious about your overall wellness as this recreational activity requires a certain degree of fitness. Our team of seasoned experts will guide you through every step and give you a fantastic sky-diving experience at Perranporth Flying Club!

Learning to Fly


Perranporth is a wonderful place to learn to fly. Students benefit from the availability of two tarmac runways so whenever the weather is suitable Perranporth students go flying! Learn more about learning to fly at Perranporth Airfield here

Hovercraft Experience


High-Speed thrills with Cornwalls only Hovercraft driving experience! The Hovercraft Experience is now open to welcome you to their exhilarating ‘Hover track at Perranporth Airfield , on the beautiful Cornish Coast.

Flying solo, 30cms above the ground in our race-winning ‘Snapper’ Hovercraft, you’ll be individually taught by your instructor. Following a safety briefing, you’ll learn how to drive these incredible machines and quickly progress to flying around the challenging Hover track.

Find out more at the Hovercraft Experience website

Classic Car Events

These pics were taken during a recent classic car event. These type of events are quite common at the airfield and is an ideal place to test the cars before heading of on long car rallies or overseas trips. To find out more about upcoming events why not visit our Facebook page and ‘Like Us’. That way you will get notified every time we post a new event.

Or just relax in the Cafe!


We have a on site cafe that does hot and cold food with a perfect viewing area for all activities and also has a area outside for the kids to burn off some energy!