The Skid Car (or REX – Real Experience –  as we like to call him) is not only great fun to drive but will also give you practical experience on how to control your car in the evnet of a skid. Our Skid Car experience teaches you the essentials of skid control, why you should steer INTO a skid, as well as tracking on slippery roads and dealing with adverse road conditions.

You will quickly discover that controlling a skidding car requires you to do the exact opposite to what your brain is telling you to do. One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely be impressed with how much you learn from your experience of being with REX!

Skid Car Sessions – What’s Involved?

skid-car-instructorsYour experienced Skid Car Instructor will create emergency situations and show you how to react to them. The art of skid control is being aware of when you are in a skid and recognising how to react to the situation as soon and as safely as possible.

You will learn how to stay in control of the skid and gradually correct the car (REX) out of danger. At the end of your session you will have a much better understanding of why a car gets into a skid, how to recognise it and how to deal with it effectively.

The format of the sessions

The session starts with your instructor giving a short briefing on various skid control techniques. Next he will demonstrate how to deal with the different types of skid using a large concrete area and traffic cones laid out along the way. Next it’s your turn behind the wheel! The instructor will sit alongside you and teach you the skills you need to react and manage various skid situations.

How to Book

Sessions are available from 10am – 4pm, Wed-Sat. Simply book in advance by calling us on 01872 552856

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