What’s involved in each session…

£25 taster session is a ideal opportunity to get someone behind the wheel of a skid car, this session will last for 10 minutes and will be sure to put a smile on anyone face.

£125 the skid car experience will be a 1 hour experience and will include a briefing, this experience takes the skid control taster session to the next level you will get to really start to understand how the car is going to react in certain situations and will start to develop the skills to correct and control the car in different circumstances.

£175 (full skid control course) the full skid control course is developed to give you the best understanding of a sliding car and also give you the tools in witch best to deal with the situation, this course has been used by the NHS and emergency services in the UK to help develop and prepare there drivers for the unexpected. By the end of this course you will have a full in depth understanding of how the car is reacting under you, this will unable you to react before the car even gets into the skid as this is the best way to control a skid is by putting measures in place to stop the car sliding before it becomes a issue, this course would be a 3 hour course with a maximum of 3 students on each course.

Note: All driving vouchers are valid for a year